Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'll do anything these days to procrastinate the ride. Like starting a blog.

Some people may know that I work with Shannon Skerritt, and he had a blog, and he is fast. The secret's out: I did all the writing on his blog. Yeah, sure, I got some ideas from him, but there wasn't a single word on there that he wrote. I was hoping that fake blogging would eventually lead to a job in fake news reporting, but it hasn't yet. Perhaps there's the intermediate step of real blogging? Also, it seems like a lot of fast bike riders out there have blogs. Is that the secret to being a good bike racer? I guess we'll find out.

Today's plan includes a ride (but first I have to fix my bike), then lounging around and hydrating until the Mississippi crit this evening. Then probably some dehydrating after that. The last race I did was on Mt. Tabor this past Wednesday. I only made it halfway through the race before I dropped out. But I didn't have a blog then, so if I make it through more than half the race tonight I'm chalking it up to the blog.

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